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My first album review for was for a band called Whitemoor.  Regular listeners to my show on Radio Warwickshire will have heard tunes by them such as ‘On Top Of The World’ and ‘The North Wind’.  If you have not heard of them then Whitemoor are a British Indie band from Derby formed back in 2010 by Gary ‘Barrington’ Mole, who enlisted the services of Benny Ryan as his lead vocalist. The additions of Luke Inglis (Bass), Tom Scribbins (Drums) and Louise Tomlinson (Keys, Backing Vocals) completed the line up in 2012.

Their third album ‘Pause and Effect’ will be launched on the 25th July and I have had an opportunity to listen to it in advance and I’ve based my review on how I reviewed Horizons.

So how does ‘Pause and Effect’ sound?

I said the last album ‘Horizons’ was simply GREAT and I would say exactly the same about ‘Pause’! They have kept their really big sound but the variety in the different tracks on the album is astonishing – there is surely something for everyone here.

The album kicks off with an epic tune called ‘Hollywood’.  The track begins with something similar to an opening to a film before the guitars kick in.  You have to play the track loud to get the maximum effect!  The album continues to showcase WhiteMoors ‘big’ sound but the way the album kicks off is truly immense and sets the high standard of musicianship that follows throughout the whole album.

The facts you need to know –

– Ideal time to play ‘Pause and Effect’ – long train journeys so you hear the whole album (but definitely NOT in the Quiet Zone)

– Who would I lend it to? – Clay Lowe – he’d love it on ‘The Musical journey Show’ (but I’d make sure I get my copy back!!)

– If you like this try – Not sure as this is unique but maybe – Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’

– Tracks to download as soon as possible – Hollywood, Codes, Only Human and A Cage for the Animals (but the whole album needs to be listened to)

I really never want the album to end and the closing track ‘Until Tomorrow’ is particularly gorgeous.

If you don’t believe me I found this comment for my last review and I totally agree

“WhiteMoor are one of the finest bands around, What I love about them is they do the pop thing so well but at the same time the guitars are used so creatively. They simply have everything and manage to do things that very few other people manage to achieve” – DEAN JACKSON – BBC RADIO – MERCURY PRIZE JUDGE

I would recommend you to check out WhiteMoor – Pause and Effect as soon as you can

If you want more information on WhiteMoor go to www.WhiteMoor.co.uk or @WhiteMoorBand on Twitter.

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