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Written by on December 3, 2013

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Two and a half hours in the car, two mega sized Red-Bulls later and I’m sat in a Best Western in Colchester eating mince pies to try to steady the caffeine shakes so I can write this review of thisismyjam.com music discovery website that I stumbled upon early.

The concept behind thisismyjam.com is that you share one song at a time, the song that means the most to you right now, you know the one you’ve been playing all week over and over again.  And presumably your friends will be sharing the one song that means the most to them as well. It’s a cool way to connect with what’s musically important to your friends right now.

I’m listening to The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall) by the Sisters Love, which is co-founder Hannah Donovan’s jam at the moment. It’s a deep soul song that takes me back to my childhood memories of riding in the back of my grand-dad’s great big Cadillac, the only car he would ever allow himself to pimp in.

Matthew Ogle, another one of the founders, is kicking a soul song called Bound by Ponderosa Twins Plus One.  I’ve only been on the sight 10 minutes and already I’ve been introduced to two great songs that I immediately for in love with, and I’ve learned that both of the founders of the site have soul.

One of the things I like about thisismyjam.com is it’s a slow go site, meaning that you are encourage to take your time with the music.  You post your jam and it stays on your page for up to seven days.  You can change whenever you want to, but the point is to let the song linger a while, let your friends feel you.

I’ve signed up to the site and am consider which song to post.  It’s a toss up between Prostitute by Guns ’N’ Roses or Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams (feat John Gallagher, Rebecca Naomi Jones, and Stark Sands & Company) or B.O.B.’s Chandelier (feat Lauriana Mae), which are the jams on constant repeat on my iPod at the moment. Decisions…decisions…I’m feeling all three.

Connect with me on http://www.thisismyjam.com/soulcruzer to find out what’s my jam.

 So what’s your jam?

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