Warwick Castle – Unlocking History

Written by on February 20, 2013

the team from Radio Warwickshire were invited to the just-opened Warwick Castle Unlocked this week. History Team Leader, Adam Busiakiewicz showed us around all four of the never-seen-before rooms that were opened by Tony Robinson on Friday.
Time Team’s very own Tony Robinson opened Warwick Castle Unlocked, four previously-unseen rooms at Warwick Castle that have remained closed for generations, revealing secrets and stories across four centuries of the Castle’s past.
Tony said: “I’m quite giddy to be the first person to see inside these rooms and to officially open them to the public. I’ve spent many years searching for exactly this – clues and evidence to unlock secrets from the past.”
The four ancient rooms that have been opened – Barbican Battlements and Captain’s Room; a recently-unearthed bear pit in Bear Tower, built during the reign of Richard III; the spooky Watergate Room; and The Guards’ Room in Guy’s Tower – will excite and delight visitors of all ages and unlock defining chapters in the Warwick Castle story, casting new light on tales of battle, siege, murder, power struggles and hauntings. Access to the four new rooms is included in Castle admission prices.


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