UNSUNG LILLY ‘JUST BE’ Released 13th May 2013 Bentlys Records

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Soon to be released by ‘UNSUNG LILLY ‘JUST BE’
Bentlys Records
Quirky pop band Unsung Lilly have announced that after the success of their debut single ‘Happy’, they will be releasing their next song on 13th May, titled ‘Just Be’. The song matches its predecessor in terms of uptempo and fun vibe, but this time lyrically tackling a subject matter close to many peoples hearts.
‘The song is about the pressures that many people (including us) feel about how they ‘should’ look, that predominantly come from the media’s influence,’ says Sera, one of the joint vocalists in Unsung Lilly. ‘Its something we all feel really strongly about and have always wanted to write about because we want to inspire people to try to accept themselves as they are. Its such an important subject that dominates many peoples lives, and the song is about overcoming that.’
‘We’re really excited to be releasing another single so quickly’, says Frankie. ‘The feedback from our first single ‘Happy’ was fantastic and it got airplay all over the world, so we’re keen to see what we can do with this one, whilst spreading such a great message at the same time!’
The band have just released one of their individual and home-made iPhone videos of the song onto youtube (filmed by sticking their iPhones to guitars and mic stands) and an official video will be released mid-April.
Thurs 18th April – AAA Kensington
Thurs 9th May – boilerrom Guildford
Fri 17th May – Poppies Camden
24th May – Brighton Seven Stars
14th June – London Rocks, Cafe De Paris, London
16th June – Esher Rugby Summer Festival
28th June – Epic norwich
6th July – Belfast Pride
21st July – Albury Festival, Surrey
1st Sept – Weyfest, Surrey
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