Turin Brakes Review LIVE at Leamington Spa Assembly Rooms

Written by on October 9, 2017

Reporter Liane Kate

It is always a pleasure to see a live band really enjoying themselves on stage at Warwickshire’s key venue for sound and ambience The Assembly Rooms. Along with the release of the critically acclaimed new album Lost Property Turin Brakes are back making waves in the music industry with this performance at the start of their tour.

As the band take stage to the cheer that greets them is a curious mix of excitement and familiarity and it’s soon clear that after more than fifteen years since they first broke into the mainstream they still have a loyal following. All around me are people who are singing along to the lyrics of each song as they perform their way through old and new tracks that have become the soundtrack to the fans lives for over a decade.

The gig opens with three tracks from their new album Lost Property before going back in time to previous hits which starts a burst into raucous life. It’s the start of the pattern of the evening. Turin Brakes are masters of the art of changing the atmosphere in a room by altering the pace of the performance, bring in new and sharing and enjoying with the crowd the old.

Would I recommend you delve into your pocket money to catch this band during this tour. Yes I would and more that that, if you were fans in the beginning and have lost touch, download their new album and take yourself on a music journey.

Their new album Lost Property is not so much a return to form as a continuation of the rich quality of sound that has been present throughout their musical careers, it’s got all the melodies and emotion that you’d expect from a Turin Brakes album plus a nice bluesy edge to tracks like Keep Me Around and Rome and a classic in the making in the lovely Save You.

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