Tony Rocky Horror Eon LP, Interview And Exclusive Mix (Bass Music)

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Tony Rocky Horror has a new album out comprising of 3 years plus of his Hardcore/Jungle influenced Bass Music productions. The EON LP is out on Top Drawer Digital and we have an exclusive mix and an interview from the man himself, read on….

First up, we’re interested to know is your name in reference to the famous glam rock musical?

That’s a frequently asked question; I’m actually a big Tarantino fan, and my alias is in reference to a Pulp Fiction character who is only spoken of in conversation (and never appears on screen in the movie)

You have an album entitled ‘EON’ due out on 11th July on Top Drawer Digital. This album has been 3 years in the making and draws upon the early to late 90’s ‘rave/hardcore/jungle’ sound albeit in a new way. Could you tell us a bit about the journey behind this album?

Yeah, about four years ago (when the first album tracks started being written) I was feeling incredibly inspired by the sound of that 90’s era (and that of the current 140 jungle movement). At the time I didn’t have any plans for an album; I was simply drawing from that inspiration and writing tracks.

As time passed, the primary focus of my production shifted to deep, dark dubstep and other bass music. However every once in a while I would return to these old school influences to write two or three more tunes at a time.

Eventually I had more than enough of this material (all of which was particularly special to me) for a full length album. In late 2015 I decided to start shopping it, and found a home for it that I couldn’t be happier with. Big shouts to Lucas and the Top Drawer crew for their support!

What got you into that 90’s rave sound? Was there a defining track or an event that drew you in?

The funny thing is that it’s hard for me to say what initially drew me in. I grew up on the west coast in the U.S. and was far too young to be a part of any nightlife when the 90’s era was in full swing.

But I was lucky, despite my geographical location, to have a weekly FM radio show in my city that helped expand and shape my interests in electronic music for years. As a teen I was massively into things like Bad Company Uk, Konflict, Dillinja. And breaks like Dylan Rhymes, Aquasky, Plump DJs.

I think my connection to anything old school didn’t necessarily develop much until later on as I reached further back.

The ‘rave’ sound sound is seen as a UK thing despite the fact that many of the early pioneers were from the U.S such as Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee. How does today’s crowd react to the sound in the states?

As in a lot of other places around the world, there’s a big divide between the different types of crowds in attendance at dance music shows now in America; those who are there to see the festival line-ups full of names they recognize from mainstream radio, and those who are there to be a part of something more intimate and sincere. In my experience the latter group never fails to properly lose it to some original rave influenced sound.

How did you get involved with Top Drawer Digital and  do you have a personal favourite track from the label back cat?

Top Drawer is a label that I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for. I’ve been acquainted with Lucas through social media for about four years (ever since I began delving into the future jungle sound). To be honest they were my first choice as label for releasing my album, and I’m ever grateful that they chose to go for it.

A favorite from the back cat. is obviously a bit hard to choose, but I think the first thing that comes to mind is Strange Rollers Summer 91 remix of ‘Touch’ by DJ L.A.B. I remember rinsing that one for weeks on end when I first got it.

After ‘EON’ do you think you will continue to make tracks in the ‘oldskool’ influenced style?

Definitely yes, although most of my work is currently focused around dark, neurofunk-influenced dubstep and 140 bass music. I think I’ll always return to the old school sounds from time to time. There’s too much life and energy there to not keep drawing from that influence, even if it’s in small measures.

You have a regular radio show ‘The Afterparty’ on C89.5 FM, Seattle, can you tell us a bit about that, what we can expect to hear and where we can catch it online?

Yeah, it airs every Friday night from midnight until 2am pacific time, and can be streamed online at

It’s essentially a bass music show. It’s heavily focused around dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass/jungle, however I also will include some grime, footwork, UK garage, house and even a bit of hip hop now and then.

Any final words or shout outs? Also where can we hear more of your stuff?

Hold tight Lucas and the Top Drawer crew once again, and a massive thank you to my family and friends who have been incredibly supportive.

Lastly big up everyone who has been supporting the music!

More can be heard at

Buy The EON LP by Tony Rocky Horror (Top Drawer Digital) CD & Digital on Bandcamp (Link To Buy Below)

Stream/Download an exclusive mix by Tony Rocky Horror below

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TonyRockyHorror Eon LP, Interview And Exclusive Mix (Bass Music)

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