Three Minute Heroes Comes Backs to the Belgrade Theater Coventry

Written by on October 9, 2014

Until 25th October, catch the amazing Three Minute Heroes directed and written by Bob Eaton.

Our team of reporters were present on the opening night to witness the performance of the homegrown story which is now become The 2 Tone Musical ‘Three Minute Heroes’

“1979 was the year it all changed for the city of Coventry: the press and, more importantly, the record-buying public took to the first 2 Tone record in the masses.“

The story begins with five local heroes as they bond, fight, love and play their way through the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Relive those heady days if you were there the first time around and, if you weren’t, experience for yourselves why 2 Tone really put Coventry on the map. From (9/10/14 14:03).

The whole musical was focused on war and most importantly on racism that had to be stopped.

The introduction song was amazing, as it foreshadowed the rest of the play and gave us more illumination about what happened in 1971. People were laughing, whistling, shouting and some even danced along, which created an marvelous atmosphere.

Inspired by the music of The Selecter, The Specials and the 2 Tone scene,Three Minute Heroes is an affectionate tribute that was enormously successful when first produced by the Belgrade back in 2000. From (9/10/14 – 14:05)

The main actors were:

Joseph Eaton-Kent, Elizah Jackson, Sheldon Green, Connor John Nolan and Sarah Workman.

The play was 3h and 45 min long with an interval that lasted for 30 min.

Where to get tickets?

Saturday 4 – Saturday 25 October 2014

Presented at Belgrade Main stage

Tickets: £8.50 – £20.75 Concessions £8.50 – £18.75 which can be purchased at Belgrade Theater and online at


Agnese Bogdanova and Akshita Sharma

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