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8887368435_036982003f_bFolk presenter, Tamsin Rosewell along with music producer Tim Jenkins, will be putting together a six-part series of folk shows to be broadcast this autumn. We are inviting musicians to submit their work for inclusion.

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Our folk show, My Folk and their Friends, is hosted by historian, Tamsin Rosewell and produced by Tim Jenkins.

Many of the shows are topic-led and examine closely anything from the history of themes traditionally associated with folk music, such as sea and sailor songs and songs of fairy-lore, to grappling with current issues like Fracking. Other shows focus right in on one group or artist and examine that group’s musical approach and interests with a format that presents six tracks from that group alongside six tracks of their choice from other artists.

Careful nowfolk at SBT

The character and content of the shows has been driven by the presenter, Tamsin Rosewell’s own passion for the history of folklore and her government background as both a political adviser and as civil service Whitehall staff. The shows are peppered with references to folkloric traditions and come across as steeped in this country’s ancient and modern history.

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Some of the shows, notably those about political folk songs, and environmental issues, have attracted attention for their disarmingly direct comment – the presenter seems to have the knack of using the music to spell out squirmingly uncomfortable truths. Folk music as a genre is popular across a range of generations, but the originality of this show seems to have an appeal that runs deeper within the folk community than just the desire to hear the music.

My Folk and their Friends


My Folk and their Friends, Radio Warwickshire’s Folk Show on the subject of Winter. by Tamsin Rosewell on Mixcloud


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