Take Back Control of Your Life – The Radio Show!

Written by on October 11, 2014

With Naomi set to go into the studio to record the first episode of her new show, we asked her to tell us a little bit more about the show and what she has in store for us.


Take back control of your life – The Radio Show!  is all about, err, taking back control of your life!

Today’s lifestyles are full-on, frenetic and sometimes even fun! But often, it’s so busy that it’s as if we are caught on the hamster wheel; we keep going round and round, but don’t actually go anywhere.

My name is Naomi Martell-Bundock and I’m a Wellbeing Expert. My company, Core Sense Ltd., www.coresense.co.uk delivers wellbeing coaching for 9709298848_732ac49a30_bpeople like you who are capable and  confident but feel that life has got slightly (or more!) out of their control. I’m one of the quoted experts on the Boots WebMD U.K. website, http://www.webmd.boots.com , the Wellbeing Expert for on the Neom Wellbeing Board http://www.neomorganics.com/ and I’m the lead trainer for the Stress Management Society www.stress.org.uk

So “Take back control of your life – The Radio Show! “is an opportunity to gather together a wide range of information and suggestions to help you feel back in control of your life, pretty much whatever your circunstances.

When I work with individuals and groups, I focus on 4 key areas:

1)     Wellbeing for you as an individual

2)     Wellbeing for your family – whether you are a parent or a carer

3)     Wellbeing for your business – whether you run your own business or work in someone else’s

4)     Stress Management – with a focus on … Wellbeing!

In my next {blog} I will talk more about Wellbeing, but to start off I see Wellbeing as anything that helps you feel … in control of your life! (Are you starting to see a theme here?!)

We’re going to start off trying out different formats for the show: one week I will interview a fellow expert on a particular area, such as “Take back control of your relationship,” another week, we might compile more of a magazine-style show where I cover lots of topics, such as career, money, love, and another might be the same topic but with lots of different perspectives.

As time goes on, and hopefully you get to know, like and trust me, I’d love to incorporate a Q&A section, sort of like a Radio Agony Aunt, but as a “Modern Mentor.”

We want to hear what really works for you in the programme, and any topics that you would like us to cover. In the first few programmes we are going to touch on topics such as

Stress, work-life balance, priorities, money, relationships, communication, alcohol, food, drugs

Ethical trade – how do we know what we’re buying supports the bigger picture, parenting,

What to expect when you go into hospital, disabilities, health and safety at work, what’s working for yourself really like… and so on!

Does it sound interesting? I hope so! We want to really create something that’s going to support you to … Take back control of your life!


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