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Don’t forget to set your reminders for 9PM Thursday to catch the premier of our Featured Unsigned Band of the Week show. This week’s featured band is Diamond Skyes. Diamond Skyes are a British funk-rock band formed in December 2012 by vocalist and guitarist Tom Spencer and drummer Matt Whatson. The rest of the band include […]

Great sound…hoping to interview these guys in the near future.  Stay tuned…

Show Notes: 1. The Stalkers – Islands 2.  Bob Cooper music and interview 3.  Circle of Reason 4.  Interview with Sean Rumsey from The Voice 5.  Folly Brrothers 6.  Too Big to Cry – new novel by Graham Sclater 7.  Jimi Kemp music and interview 8.  Rockin All Night 9.  Danny Ansell music and interview […]

Hi Guys, we have a new RW show that’s launched this week. It’s a compilation of the best RW interviews and new music from unsigned bands. This particular show features last weeks interview. I’ll curate this week’s show tomorrow and get it posted on Sunday. I think it’s regular time slot will be a Sunday […]

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