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the team from Radio Warwickshire were invited to the just-opened Warwick Castle Unlocked this week. History Team Leader, Adam Busiakiewicz showed us around all four of the never-seen-before rooms that were opened by Tony Robinson on Friday. Time Team’s very own Tony Robinson opened Warwick Castle Unlocked, four previously-unseen rooms at Warwick Castle that have […]

The team from Radio Warwickshire were invited to record Winstons Big Brother at the Flapper Birmingham. listen to ‘Live Gig Winstons Big Brother at the Flapper Birmingham’ on Audioboo

Holly Moorhouse and Charlotte James – speech producer for RAW – Warwick Uni 24 hour 5 day radio marathon for Charity – Coventry Cyrenians listen to ‘RAW – ’ on Audioboo

Listen to night to music and much more with Liane Kate on Radio Warwickshire. listen to ‘Listen 7.30 tonight for – A Bit of Liane Kate’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire find out what is important in the community and tell you the listener about it. listen to ‘We report on what you WANT to know! ’ on Audioboo

Contact the team if you have a story to tell. Listen to Jack Linstead tell the team about his blog and training for the half marathon on March. listen to ‘We Report on Events in Warwickshrie and Beyond..’ on Audioboo

We ask you what we should play at Radio Warwickshire. Unsigned and up and coming artists send your MP3 ‘s and we can add them to our play lists. listen to ‘Music – ‘Feed Your Mind’’ on Audioboo

Live on Streamer – Liane Kate plays some of the local music shared with the team at Radio Warwickshire this week as well as interviews and cracking good tunes…7.30 pm at Radio Warwickshire. listen to ‘Listen tonight 7.30 for a bit of Liane Kate’ on Audioboo

Listen to the interview with the team behind the very first Worcestershire Film Festival – The team from Radio Warwickshire report on the talent in Warwickshire and beyond. listen to ‘We Report on Talent – Worcestershire Film Festival’ on Audioboo

Fun Days out – Contact the team and send the reporters to your venue to make a bespoke advert for your company. listen Advertise With – Radio Warwickshire’ on Audioboo

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