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listen to ‘Warwick Words – poem’ on Audioboo

Listen to Music by Callum Baily, mixed by Radio Warwickshire for Air Play and for Streamer and play list for Friday 15th March 11am to 11pm Location Broadcast at the Cross Kenilworth. Callum is 16 years old born March 3rd 1997. He lives in Kenilworth with his family. He goes to Kenilworth School & Sports […]

First Radio Broadcast of Belle Harmonie’s Song ‘Something I’m Not’ with accompanying Interview with the Girls and Tim Jenkins at Woodbine Street Recording Studio’s. Written by: Olivia Broadfiend & Josh Crocker Vocals recorded by: John Rivers at Woodbine Street Recording Studio’s Produced and mixed by: Tim Jenkins, additional production by Josh Crocker. listen to ‘Belle […]

listen to ‘Labasheena – Band Mix for Radio Warwickshire ’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘LIVE – zephyr Lounge – the Bonnevilles’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Uncle Tim -LIVE at the Zephyr Lounge’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘The LIVE set from Kellys Band at the Zephyr Lounge – @ The Assembly’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire interview Anthony to find out about writing. listen to ‘Corporate Responsibility for Business’ on Audioboo

Listen to the local people of Warwickshire as they tell the team from Radio Warwickshire what they love about the coming of Spring… listen to ‘What Puts a Spring in Your Step? ’ on Audioboo

Meet Max Baker listen to ‘Music Journalism – The Heart of Radio Warwickshire ’ on Audioboo

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