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What do we really think about New Years Resolutions? The team from Radio Warwickshire went out in Coventry to ask people what their resolutions are for 2013 and if we still believe in making them.                 listen to ‘New Years Resolutions: Do we still believe in making them?’ […]

Jenny Frank does volunteer work for the Leamington Christian Mission which is an organisation dedicated to providing help to the homeless and those considered to be ‘down and out’ in the Leamington and Warwick areas. #rwmagic #volunteers #charity       Links listen to ‘Interview with Jenny Frank’ on Audioboo

Each week Clay explores a different musical theme, style, or artist. Expect rock, hip-hop, blues, punk, jazz, world music and everything in between. This week features songs for a post apocalyptic world. Join Clay Lowe on Sunday at 9PM and find out what the world sounds like post the Mayan end of the world. #music […]

Ben Dyson from Positive Money gives the Radio Warwickshire inaugural 2012 Christmas lecture. He explains where money comes from, the banks role in creating debt, the financial crisis & what needs to be done to rescue the economy.             listen to ‘Radio Warwickshire Christmas Lecture 2012’ on Audioboo

Every Tuesday evening, 8PM,  Robbins Well run an open mic night for musicians, poets and performers. Recently, @soulcruzer had an opportunity to interview the organizer of the event and record some of the musical talent on the night.                 listen to ‘Robbins Well Open Mic Night’ on Audioboo

A sneak preview to the forth coming Here comes Gary and Adam on Radio Warwickshire on Chirstmas Eve Monday night at 9pm. listen to ‘Here comes Gary and Adam trailer for next Mondays show’ on Audioboo

The Spa Strummers performance in St. Nicholas’s Church in Warwick on 8th December 2012 for the Homeless Action Project charity, with the Village Voices choir. #rwmagic #music #spastrummers #villagevoices #saintnicholaschurch #warwick             listen to ‘The Spa Strummers perform at St. Nicholas’s Church in Warwick with the Village Voices Choir’ on […]

Girl group Belle Harmonie interviewed along with friends & family at Radio Warwickshire soft launch party at Pomeroys in Kenilworth on Saturday 1st December. listen to ‘Belle Harmonie interview @ Radio Warwickshire Launch’ on Audioboo

Belle Harmonie perform live at the Radio Warwickshire’s Christmas Party last night. The team will be following their story, with more interviews from last night to come.                 listen to ‘Belle Harmonie perform live at Radio Warwickshire’s Christmas Party’ on Audioboo

Tim, Clay , Eddie and Liane are the first to get the ball rolling in this weekends rwmagic planning meetings. listen to ‘Radio Warwickshire planning meeting’ on Audioboo

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