This Birmingham quartet combines the power and intensity of classic rock with the finesse and delicacy of soulful blues. Artist Links: FaceBook | Twitter | Youtube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

  Indie band from Modesto, California. Artist Links:  Facebook | Twitter | Youtube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

Based in north England The Torn are a guitar led band backed by powerful energetic rhythms. Artist Links: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

Silversun Pickups came of age in Los Angeles’ multicultural, bohemian enclave, Silver Lake, where the members learned to overcome their fears through playing in the organic network of clubs and bars that birthed Beck and Elliott Smith. Artist Links: Facebook | Twitter | YoutTube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

The band formed in New York City in 2008 while Darren and bassist/songwriting partner Danny Presant we’re attending college. Artist Links: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

Listen from 9 pm tonight for the ROCK SHOW on Radio Warwickshire listen to ‘Listen tonignt 9pm to the ROCK SHOW with Steve ’ on Audioboo

Show 4 approaches..listen to what Steve is up this this week listen to ‘Steve Gulliver – Show 4 Trailer ’ on Audioboo

Join Steve Gulliver for an hour of pure Rock every Friday night from 9 – 10 PM, starting 30 November 2012.                   listen to ‘Radio Warwickshire Presents The Rock Show with Steve Gulliver’ on Audioboo

We speak to Steve Gulliver, who has now become the latest presenter for Radio Warwickshire. He talks about his interest in the project and how he is inspired b the quality of talent in the area. Steve will be producing a rock programme for Friday nights at @radiowarks Listen again at @radiowarks […]

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