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An evening of poetry and live music from the Riots/Heroes/Colours/Dinosaur issues. listen to ‘HereComesEveryone Live Gig’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Introducing – Diamond Skyes’ on Audioboo Diamond Skyes are a British funk-rock band from Warwickshire, England, formed by vocalist/guitarist Tom Spencer and drummer Matt Whatson who met through their girlfriends. By December 2012, things were beginning to take shape as Tom Stanford responded to their online advert seeking a bassist and guitarist. The […]

listen to ‘Clare Humphreys – Volunteer Coordinator – Coventry Cyrenians’ on Audioboo

Hanging out with the Coventry City Dolls. Meet some of the team in this short report. Full feature to follow. listen to ‘Coventry City Derby Dolls’ on Audioboo

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