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One of our favourite artists in the bass music scene My Selecta returns with a double header of breakbeat and bass science. ‘All Crews (Go)’ continues with that great signature sound of rolling jungle inspired futuristic beats n bleeps at 125BPM. “String Theory” on the flip incorporates ravey stabs and riffs to create a tense […]

His name is Sard Boogie and he boogies hard. Say hello to SB’s latest cheeky one, Get Up And Roll, which makes heavy use of Freedom’s Get Up And Dance (as sonically referenced on J5’s Concrete Schoolyard) and then cuts … Read More… Source: Monkey Boxing SARD BOOGIE: Get Up And Roll (2016) Free download

  With support from the likes of Kokiri & Oliver Heldens , you know you’re in for some fire house music action right here from EJ. This new track is a nice summery blend of deep house and nu disco made for hot and fun nights!!! [soundcloud url=”″ params=”visual=true&show_artwork=true&maxwidth=500&maxheight=750″ width=”100%” height=”400″ iframe=”true” /] EJ – Take […]

On 8th October, Cassette Store Day will see shops and organisations across the world celebrating the tape for the fourth year running.  The event was originally founded by UK indie labels Suplex Cassettes, Kissability and Sexbeat in 2013 alongside Americans Burger Records. Jen Long, co-founder of Kissability, said: “For a supposedly dying format there’s still […]

A matter of hours before he turns 33 years of age, T E Morris will release his fourth solo album. Newfoundland is his birthday present to us.  And when the record is placed within the wider context of its deeply troubled, interrupted creation, what a gift this will prove to be. It had been T […]

We’re very happy to share three stunning tracks by the Jeremy Cunningham Quartet. re: dawn (from far) by Jeremy Cunningham Quartet Source: Twisted Soul Boy Stream three tracks by the Jeremy Cunningham Quartet

Erratic, erotic and chaotic stuff from San Francisco band, Deerhoof. Crazy name, crazy guys…never less than interesting. Pretty difficult to pin a distinct label on this rather unclassifiable album. Quixotic, spiky, quirky, all of that. What it isn’t, is uninspired. Just when things seem to settle on a lively punk jumble, as on the cheerfully […]

Wonderful space-themed suites from Amir Seibert. Alpha Centauri by Amir Seibert Source: Twisted Soul Boy Stream Amir Seibert’s new Alpha Centauri EP

If you’re a fan of soulful vocals, feel-good vibes mixed with heavy basslines and general dub-reggae dopeness – you’ll love this. Healer by Resonators Source: Twisted Soul Boy Resonators – Healers

Those Noise Club boys can do no wrong, let us tell you that. Everything they touch turns to something pretty special, in this case it’s Stalking Gia‘s tremendous Second Nature. It’s a low-key little electronic-pop gem with a heavy lean on the dance floor, as those breathy vocals make this NYC gal quite the alluring […]

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