1. Political Freak Show – Better Daze Records 2. Uprising – Lost Notes 3. Cheapskate – The iMpersonals 4. Guns – Katalina Kicks 5. A Place – The Mighty Boing 6. Messed Up (Live) – Rebecca Downes 7. The Way That You Dance – Peter Nathanson 8. They Follow You – The Purple Shades 9. […]

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July 25, 2013

Hold Everything by Soulcruzer on Mixcloud It’s summer time, and what better thing to do in the summer than to load up the van with booze and bagels and good company and hit the road to chase sunsets. And of course, you have to have the roadtrip mixtape to serve as the soundtrack for your […]

The latest mixtape by @lianekate features some of the hottest new music from around Warwickshire.  If you love listening to the raw music of up and coming musicians, this is a must listen mixtape (and please share the link with people you know, let’s help these artists get their music heard).  Peace.     [mp3j […]

                      Sit back and relax to another classic from @lianekate. [mp3j track=”hippie chick mixtape.mp3″]

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