Listen to the interview with Rickard Wood, film maker and drive behind Coventry’s Roots to Shoots. listen to ‘Richard Wood – Coventry Film Maker’ on Audioboo

Listen to the interview with the team behind the very first Worcestershire Film Festival – The team from Radio Warwickshire report on the talent in Warwickshire and beyond. listen to ‘We Report on Talent – Worcestershire Film Festival’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire were invited along to Coventry University to Meet George Jesse Turner, who has worked on one of the greatest TV documentary series ever, ’Seven Up’ started nearly half a century ago on ITV and has followed a diverse group of British children through the thick and thin of life. The […]

Early morning Radio Warwickshire meeting to talk comic relief songs for 2013. listen to ‘The team talk comedy!’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Presener Richard Wood – Film show trailer’ on Audioboo

Tim Jenkins from Radio Warwickshire interviews Olivia Broadfield about her musical career, which includes writing music for The Vampire Diaries and Beverley Hills 90210. Warwickshire born Olivia also imparts some great industry advise. listen to ‘Interview with Olivia Broadfield – Singer Songwriter’ on Audioboo

We caught up with Richard wood, Film Maker and the man behind Coventry and Warwickshire Filmmakers Network. Find out about his inspirations, background and plans for the future. Listen again at @radiowarks Info from the website: Coventry Warwickshire Filmmakers network is your FREE (donations welcome), social networking site for filmmakers / actors actresses […]

Richard Wood is a creative film maker, who will be sharing his love of film, interviewing directors, looking for that magic within film and film score on his radio programme for Radio Warwickshire. and has created Coventry and Warwickshire’s Film Networking agency. listen to his programme at @radiowarks listen to ‘Presener Richard Wood […]

We met up with Kay Setonnah, radio and television script writer at the Worcestershire Film Festival at the weekend. She talks about her background, including writing scripts for Alistair Mcgowan, Radio 4 and her enthusiasm for University and the training that is offered. Listen later at @radiowarks subscribe to quality radio. listen to ‘Kay […]

The team from Radio Warwickshire met up with Olivia James and Lauren Hatchard , film makers at the Worcestershire Film Festival at the weekend. They spoke about their current film Happy Birthday Dear Universe, their backgrounds and influences. Listen again at @radiowarks subscribe to quality radio. listen to ‘Olivia and Laura – Film […]

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