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August 1, 2014

Planets Venus, August 1st If you are up early on from August 1st (4am) Venus will start to appear brilliantly in the Eastern sky. At magnitude –3.8. Unmissable. Saturn still remains an attractive sight. in the Constellation Libra from nightfall until the early hours. If you look south West, at a Magnitude of around +0.5  The planet […]

I’d been struggling with writing this months blog,, but i sat this morning listening to Darren Hayes/ Savage Garden music, To The Moon and Back came on and it gave me the boost required, so many Thanks Darren for that! So, onwards i go, With so much happening in June, i am not sure where […]

Words: Astroforfun Photo: Julie Straayer Getting this in now, so you have plenty of time as you may not know its taking place! Well, now you do know. International Astronomy Show 2014, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, June 7th & 8th. Buy your tickets online, then register for the tweet up that is taking place at the […]

Constellations – Hayley Parr Observers of the sky have grouped stars into constellations for thousands of years. The reason we have historically done so is simply to help us navigate our way around the night sky more easily.  Constellations are given names based on the apparent shapes they form, for example Orion a warrior wearing […]

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