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Bridget Gray picks an emotive theme for each programme and explores music with relevance, style and humour, Wednesday fortnightly at 8PM.

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My Favourite Sings crew

Land of the Lost 45s is a throwback 60’s top 40 radio show that you would of heard on you AM radio back then. Music from 50s,60s70s,80s to current that we call future lost 45s. Hosted by Philly DJ Larry Scott and co-hosted by Jayce, Jen, and Bella, It’s always a party like atmosphere. The […]

An alternative music show playing weird and wonderful sounds from around the world, old and new, by bands and artists both known and unknown. Any genre is fair game, if it’s odd, quirky, strange or peculiar, I’ll play it! Expect to hear some new wave, rock, electro, steampunk, funk, industrial, psychedelic, hip hop, and everything […]

I have been interested in music for as long as I can remember. I am a songwriter, singer, performer and recording artist with my amazing act The Rude Awakening.  I can play a few instruments, but my passion is singing. Using a different theme for each programme, I will be sharing My Favourite Sings. These […]

Hey there, Im Jayce. I’m a married father of 2 with several years of radio experience.  I started playing with a radio when I received a toy called ” Radio DJ” when I was 10 maybe 11 years old. It had a build in mic, transmitter, aux cable and a tape deck. I was the greatest […]

Aspiring film maker, lover of all music, and a musician myself. Just want to talk about creative things with creative people

Talent & content scout: Liane’s idea to set up an online radio & blogsite having had a background in presenting & broadcast Journalism. As Co founder, her passion is to offer an opportunity for creatives to use the platform to share music, news & media.

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