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Liane Kate, Managing Director and Station Manager – My vision is to share free media, inspire creativity and share experiences with the wider community. With a background in radio presenting, broadcast journalism and teaching, I thought I would mix this all up into one creative melting pot and  to set up a radio station and on-line magazine style for the media savvy consumer wishing to be entertained, choose their personal down-load path of material, and involve the community journalism angle.

I am passionate about sharing knowledge and thrive on connecting people on common media platforms…..

Clay Lowe, Creative Director and Presenter –  Stories, music, tech and travel float my boat.  For me, radio is the 21st century equivalent of the tribal campfire where people gather to share stories, music, and news that uplifts and connects the tribe.  That’s what Radio Warwickshire is to me.

Emma Cole is a writer, film maker, musician and now a bit of an actor (apparently!). Her first short film ‘Eve’, which she co-wrote and directed with her partner Cherry Williams, has just been released and doing the festival circuit. Her debut novel ‘Visiting Mum’ is also doing nicely and getting great reviews.

Unable to find her creative ‘off’ switch, Emma is always coming up with new ideas from radio soaps to original songs. She co-writes Radio Warwickshire’s comedy version of The Archers called ‘Woldstock’ and can be heard voicing many characters as well as being the voice that croons “Radio Warwickshire” at everyone.

To help keep the creative juices flowing, Emma enjoys sinking copious amounts of strong coffee along with a huge cupcake (or two). She also loves her dogs and is an avid Formula 1 fan!

Pan Hu

Sound is like one of my friends that is telling me stories, giving me information, helping me get familiar with the world, and sharing with me the happiness, sadness and every other emotion…

I am a sound designer currently living in Warwickshire, UK, holding the MSc Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh. I had been working in the sound design studio in Shanghai, China, where I had lots of collaborations with visual artists, creative directors, producers and voiceover artists from all over the world. I had been also one of the post-production team members in Hangzhou TV station and I was producing local news and events. I believe that my enthusiasm in the media production could bring to the Radio Warwickshire something that is creative, energetic, diverse, artistic, and cosmopolitan!

Tiffany Middlicott is the queen bee of charity and radio warwickshire’s events promoter.  If you have something going on and want people to know about, Tiffany is your go to lady.  Tiff is passionate about helping charities, which is why she has come on board as Radio Warwickshire’s chief charity officer. Apart from her husband and two children, music is tiffany’s other great love. She’s a great all rounder and team player.

Eddie King

Well where do I start music well New and Old, Rock, Jazz, modern and classical.

My other passions are food and cars a really good mix of interest,
See the cooking videos on the radio Warwickshire web site.

Tim Jenkins

Ella Myles

Tamsin Rosewell

When she’s not tinkering with Radio Warwickshire stuff, or organising Japanese Taiko drum events, Tamsin is an historian of Early Modern English History. She lectures of topics as diverse and Elizabethan Gardens, The History of Chocolate and The History of Ghostlore.  Tamsin founded and runs Taiko Bash Warwickshire, which organises Taiko workshops for adults and in schools, and set up and runs the UK Taiko Scene group on Facebook.  And, yes, she’s another foodie on the team: while living in Belgium, Tamsin grabbed the chance to learn the skills of a chocolatier which makes her a particularly valued member of Radio Warwickshire Committee and much in demand when the others are feeling a little out of sorts.


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