Review of The Belgrade’s ‘Entertaining Mr Sloane’

Written by on July 16, 2014

Review of The Belgrade’s ‘Entertaining Mr Sloane’


By @molly__louise

A classic play by Joe Orton being put on at the Belgrade, from Thursday 3rd July – Saturday 5th July directed by Michael Cabot. This play is part of a UK and Ireland 2014 tour.

Middle-aged Kath and her elderly father, Kemp, live in a house on the outskirts of a rubbish dump. Their drab existence is interrupted by the arrival of a young and attractive lodger, the enigmatic Mr. Sloane.

The set was lowly lit throughout the play, with no change in lighting or set. The setting was old pieces of late 1950s furniture piled across the stage, a disturbing scenario in which the furnishings were piled up in different angles, capturing the sense that something was very wrong here. Mainly because the house was said to be on the edge of a tip, which made more sense. This made it more effective with it being one long running play, no change of scene or lighting.

Comparing to the acting it was highly uncriticizable, they all had high presences, it shared some truly laughable moments. Paul Sandys, who played Mr. Sloane, managed a difficult job of keeping his act together throughout the seductive, humorous affection of Kath played by Pauline Whitaker. She showed a side of being explicitly seducing to Mr. Sloane through treating him like a child of her own. Brother Ed the rough-edged character played by Jonathan Ashley showed a menacing performance, sometimes overacted facial expressions, but that might have been the way he interpreted the character. Nicholas Gasson played an almost cliché character of Kath and Ed’s dad, toasting crumpets on the electric fire, however he is nowhere near elderly.

Overall, it was a strong piece of theatre, with laughable moments, seduction, blackmail and murder. Suitable for an older generation, as the terms and jokes are a bit explicit but however it is an immense play by a terrific cast.

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