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Written by on November 13, 2012

Hello, My name is Sam Blacklock or otherwise DJ Blacklock, im 22 and im from Leamington Spa.
I am a DJ/Producer based in Leamington Spa, DJing being my main thing and Music Production is what im still working to achieve.
I first started Mixing when i was around 15/16.
Drum n Bass was my first love of all music, but as UK Bass music has evolved in epic proportions over the years you can’t help but have a hunger for mixing other genres into your sets.
I first got a taste of real DJ’ing when i was 18. I used to work at a nightclub and entered a competition and managed to win it. i was very proud to get the warm-up set for the likes of High Contrast, Nu:Tone and Brookes Brothers, the energy and feeling of that night will always stick with me.
After that this started to become a regular thing and in 2009 I managed to be on Dubstep nights doing the Warm up sets for Rusko, Benga, Skream and N-Type tp name a few. Since then i’ve just been putting my head down and DJing at Partys from time to time.
Im proud to present I have developed a show here on Radio Warwickshire called “The Blam Show”, i will define the reason of why i have called it this in future programmes perhaps..
In my Shows i shall be showing you the Classics of Drum n Bass to the present, and also be stretching the Genres out to Dubstep, Drumstep, Bassline and Mid-Tempo just to name a few. It will be different every time i promise! And the shows will be more frequent showing you Music from the depths of Underground Music. This will also include Guest Mixes and interviews from around the Local community so get involved!
If you wish to be part of my show, then please drop me a e-mail and like my Facebook page! all contact details are below, along with all the sites you can listen and download my shows for when you are on the Move! And this will include special one off mixes and unes from me!

I hope this is ok for you, please feel free to re-word and what not as writing about yourself can be the worse thing..
When we had our meeting and spoke to Clay, he asked me what i agreed with you about the first broadcast, i said this Saterday but i said i can always move this to next Saturday so its not all rushed, i need to record a few shows to get the mixdown right and learn from the silly mistakes you make when creating these things lol So im happier and i think Clay was Happier to get it out next Saturday at 9PM.
But please let me know of anything different.

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