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Gaslighting – Taking away others’ reality!

Derek Fraser Crosson


“Gaslighting – Taking away others’ reality!!”.

What are the warning signs of this insidious technique?? Some Empowering ways to extinguish Gaslighting!! Finishing off with some enriching techniques that will bring back so much self-belief into your life!!!

Hypnotherapy is extremely good for tackling the causes that lie underneath those problem areas and help to bring about lasting change!!

Get in touch with me personally for one to one Hypnotherapy sessions in my practice in Stratford-On-Avon in Warwickshire, for help on any issues that you may have! For those of you who live further away I also give personalised one to one Zoom or Skype therapy sessions at times suitable to you! For either option please contact me on 07534 930265.

I will Empower you to greater heights of Confidence and Self Belief! Supercharge Your Confidence!

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