Peter Cox new album – Damn the Brakes

Written by on November 1, 2013



If you were a fan of Go West in the 1980’s you’ll remember their talented lead singer Mr Peter Cox.  Well he is still producing fantastic music and has just brought out a brand new album.

Peter released an album last year called ‘Riding the Blinds’ which was very different to a Go West album but still showcased his voice on some fantastic tracks.  I tweeted about ‘Both hands on the wheel’ for months as it was just so good and a great track to accompany my journeys from Glasgow to Kenilworth which were a regular occurrence at the time.

His new album is a mix of more different material, some of the tracks you’ll already know such as a cover of Family’s “Burlesque’ and a beautiful version of Lenny Kravitz ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’.

There is much more beauty in this album though. Cox’s voice is as good as ever and is matched by the standard of some amazing musicianship.  The Leon Russell composition ‘A Song for you’ I could play all night long, Lyndon Connah’s piano playing is stunning as is Richie Barrett on guitar.

Much of the album is penned by Pete himself and there are some gems here.  Listen out for ‘Rainbow Weather’ on Clay’s Musical Journey Show (@soulcruzer) on Radio Warwickshire this Sunday at 9pm.  The album opener is ‘Stilettos’ and is another Cox composition although it would not have sat comfortably on a Go West album it grabs your attention and makes you sit up and listen.

I think you can tell I really like this album – I’ve played it start to finish 35 times according to my computer and that is in just under a week.  The album has something in it for everyone and if I rated albums with stars this would get five out of five!  I urge you to check out ‘Damn the Brakes’.

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