New Album out today – Unsung Lilly – ‘Be’

Written by on September 9, 2013

I discovered Unsung Lilly a few months ago when they followed me on Twitter. I followed them straight back and became a fan over night. The track they had on iTunes at the time was Just Be, which is a really clever lyric delivered with a real sense of fun.

Unsung Lilly describe themselves as a ‘quirky new band from the UK, that features two epic and contrasting lead singers, Sera & Frankie, met with the musical talents of Wayne, Allan & Russ’.

It is the only album in my iTunes library under the genre of ‘Quirky Pop’.  This may do a dis-service to the quality of the material on their album.  I was already sold on ‘Just be’ but there is so much more to the album.

They say of themselves that they have a mix of stylistic influences, and of course with two female vocalists, the band have been rather aptly named as ‘a modern day Fleetwood Mac’.

Like Fleetwood Mac some of their songs are simply beautiful.  ‘She used to cry sometimes’, ‘Silence’ and my favourite track ‘I remember’ are simply fantastic.  I can’t stop playing ‘I remember’ it is really classy.  But then ‘Situation’ could easily fit on the latest Maroon 5 album.

The album came out today and has really grown on me.  Unsung Lilly describe themselves as ‘a gorgeous cocktail of musical ingredients’ and they certainly live up to that.  If you want music to get you ready for planning your next holiday this is it.  It is a really uplifting album that will make you ‘Happy’!  They are very different to anything around at the moment!

To hear some Unsung Lilly check out The Em & Chez show on Friday Nights and if I dare to phone in to The Musical Journey on Sunday evening with @Soulcruzer I will definitely be talking about the band and the album!  Cool sounds for the Autumn.

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