Molly’s Summer Countdown for 2014

Written by on July 3, 2014


So this summer plans to be a hot one, so I know that I’m going to try soaking as much sun up as I can, plus I’m going to try and make this summer the best one ever as I’ll be going to college next year, so I’ll never get this chance again. [colored_box color=”green”]”Being 16 and living in a small area where not much goes on can be hard, a lot of people my age only get into trouble because they don’t have anything to keep them occupied”[/colored_box] That’s why I’m going to give some top activity ideas for the teenagers of Warwickshire so they’ll be occupied until summers over!

262293544_6f0eccb9e6_oSo lets say it’s a boiling hot day, you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to try something new. Well why not hire a boat in Stratford, and ride along the River Avon. You can hire rowing boats (I’d recommend), motorboats, gondolas and pedal boats. Not only is it an amazing view, but also it’s incredibly fun, hiring a boat with a few of your friends and having a laugh. Be careful that you don’t bump into other boats though!

Another activity I’m sure to be doing this summer is making homemade ice cream, I found this idea from Pinterest and I just have to try it. It looks very easy, you just have to have the right ingredients to do so, and you can find this all out on the Internet on how to make your favorite flavor. It’s a great idea to do with friends when you’re bored or simply because you don’t want to go to the shop on a hot day to buy ice cream.

An idea for a day when you don’t want to soak up the sun or it’s not sunny; there are plenty of 277782049_30c7889b67_bcinemas around for a good movie. At the moment there a some very good films to be watched, including The Fault in Our Stars that is a must see, and I would recommend it! If you don’t want to go out then maybe have a movie marathon day, and watch all of your favorite films all day with mates while eating some cinema snacks, certainly the cheaper option.

So it’s a lovely summer evening, you and your friends are feeling hungry, why not a barbeque?  You can buy small barbecues from any supermarket or if you have your own that’s perfect. I would recommend to do it in your back garden for safety issues incase something went wrong, but its perfect for a relaxing evening with a bit of music and a few drinks. You could even test your cooking skills and try something adventurous!


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