Stories, music, tech and travel float my boat.  For me, radio is the 21st century equivalent of the tribal campfire where people gather to share stories, music, and news that uplifts and connects the tribe.  That’s what Radio Warwickshire is to me.

As a radio presenter Johnny Normal presents his regular Johnny Normal Synthetic Sunday Show on Radio Warwickshire every Sunday with the most innovative New Wave, New Romantic, Electronic and Alternative music from around the world. Johnny also features the bright new unsigned acts that need a platform to show their talents… with  interviews, album reviews, […]

I am all about building relationships and connecting people so they’ve grow and develop. This drives Leamington Hour and I bring you each week their stories, insights, hints and tips. The Unsigned Show brings you a mix of genres  which showcases the best of each style every Friday night.

I grew up with music, my Dad and uncle were professional players, Dad being pretty good at jazz. I grew up listening to many of the tracks I play here. I am a piano player myself and jazz is now one of my passions. Listening to the genius of the jazz musicians past and present is a […]

As a small child, I  was always surrounded by music – my sisters had the radio on constantly, and I remember hearing ABBA, Wings and ELO. I vividly remember laughing at Laurel & Hardy on Top of the Pops performing “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine”. In the late 70s I developed a taste for […]

Hey there, Im Jayce. I’m a married father of 2 with several years of radio experience.  I started playing with a radio when I received a toy called ” Radio DJ” when I was 10 maybe 11 years old. It had a build in mic, transmitter, aux cable and a tape deck. I was the greatest […]

I’m Ian Rose – and I love great music! I’ve worked on Radio Warwickshire for the past couple of years presenting my own show and writing the occasional blog.  My favourites performers are Judie Tzuke, Lucie Silvas and Kate Bush.  I’m particularly grateful to The Big Comfy Bookshop where I have recently seen a number of […]

I have been interested in music for as long as I can remember. I am a songwriter, singer, performer and recording artist with my amazing act The Rude Awakening.  I can play a few instruments, but my passion is singing. Using a different theme for each programme, I will be sharing My Favourite Sings. These […]

An alternative music show playing weird and wonderful sounds from around the world, old and new, by bands and artists both known and unknown. Any genre is fair game, if it’s odd, quirky, strange or peculiar, I’ll play it! Expect to hear some new wave, rock, electro, steampunk, funk, industrial, psychedelic, hip hop, and everything […]

My name is Derek Fraser Crosson and I am an Empowerment Architect and Clinical Hypnotherapist enabling anyone to live their dreams and enrich their life! I am based in the Stratford-on-Avon and the South Warwickshire area. “Derek Fraser Crosson is an exceptional hypnotherapist who draws upon evidence-based therapeutic interventions and wraps them in a caring, […]

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