Jaycee (Jayce) / Presenter

Hey there, Im Jayce. I’m a married father of 2 with several years of radio experience.  I started playing with a radio when I received a toy called ” Radio DJ” when I was 10 maybe 11 years old. It had a build in mic, transmitter, aux cable and a tape deck. I was the greatest thing for several feet in all directions. I held an interest in radio through my Highschool years and became the director of my Audio/ Video class. I participated in FM radio contests and call in so much that all the personalities recognize my voice.
 I have worked as a board operator for a local FM radio station after doing several shows on that station as a guest. I have also done the morning show on that same station. Now I stick to that same gig every holiday season while the normal personalities are live- on-location.
 I also present a morning radio show from 7-10 A.M ( EST) on a Long Island NY based internet radio show. I have been doing this show for 2 years. I love how I have earned the respect of everyone that listens to the show as well as watched the station grow.
 I hope to bring you hits from past, present, and keep you entertained. Welcome to the Shuffle!

Radio Warwickshire

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