Meet Taylor-Louise – a young woman with big ambitions who is addicted to the stage

Written by on January 9, 2015

18 year old singer/songwriter,  Taylor-Louise from Leamington-Spa talks to Radio Warwickshire about her music and her ambitions.

Taylor-Louise has is a grade 8 music theatre qualified vocalist and a guitarist and has been playing and singing since she was 11 years old and writing since she was 14 and that was when her first extended play (EP) was released.

I asked her when she released her talent, Taylor-Louise tells me: “Songwriting became a release…it just became something I had to do and i still do whenever something sad or happy happens”

Taylor-Louise’s passion for her music has meant she has since been gigging hard all over the country, frequently setting up open mic- nights and gigs and often doing several in one night: “I realised I was gigging more days than there were in a week, and it was tiring me out”.

“I push myself…I don’t see why I should wait until my time comes, I want to do it now and I’m doing what I love.”

Taylor explains how she felt after her first gig at the age of 13: “I was addicted to it I loved being on the stage performing”

Taylor-Louise has taken on Gloucestershire Festival and Godiva Festival as well as the release of her EP as her biggest successes so far. But her most favourite memory during her singing career  was helping raise money for the homeless in a “Raise the Roof” project by performing at the age of 15. She feels strongly about helping young people off the streets and wishes to uses her singing and songwriting to inspire and connect with people.

Check out this inspiring interview with Taylor-Louise and her channel below.

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