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Written by on March 12, 2013

Listen to Music by Callum Baily, mixed by Radio Warwickshire for Air Play and for Streamer and play list for Friday 15th March 11am to 11pm Location Broadcast at the Cross Kenilworth. Callum is 16 years old born March 3rd 1997. He lives in Kenilworth with his family. He goes to Kenilworth School & Sports College, and in
September is ATM – Access to music in Birmingham. Always singing from an early age, he was picked lead role as Joseph in Christmas school play at the age of nine.
He sang in front of whole school at the local church sining acapella. Then at the end of school year six the play Bugsy Malone was announced, Callum was put straight into role of
Fizzy singing solo even with a little acting. Callum attended Kenilworth stage coach for around a year with full glowing reports complimenting him on his vocal range.
He then went to Shirley Kent for vocal coaching, where he recorded these tracks. Shirley says Callum came with a natural ‘Big Talent’ and just needed guidence.
Callum is a big big fan of Adele and has covered a few songs of hers. He hopes to meet her one day.

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