Interview with Vicky Whitehill – Director of Improbable Fiction. Talisman Theatre

Written by on October 8, 2012

Liane from Radio Warwickshire interviews Vicky Whitehill – Director of Improbable Fiction was written by Alan Ayckbourn to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stephen Joseph theatre in Scarborough . A light-hearted celebration of the power of the imagination it was inspired by the authors visit to a writers circle . During the talk he was convinced that those attending had never written anything in their lives ! Arnold a jolly nice bloke who translates instruction manuals hosts the meeting , well he does have a large house which he shares with his ageing mother . Jess a lesbian farmer intent on creating historical romances , Grace trying to complete a children’s story , Vivvi whose hero DCI Jim Rash is breaking her heart while Clem’s Science Fiction (or is it fact?) stories are hard to keep up with. Brevis a somewhat bitter retired teacher is intent on writing a musical based on Pilgrim’s Progress , now why has no one ever thought of that before ? The cast is completed by Ilsa a young girl who sits in with Arnold’s mother during the meetings and somehow during a coffee break captures the imagination of the aspiring authors . A clap of thunder and hold onto your seats as we join a bemused Arnold caught up in their fantasies mingled to create a whirlwind of yes .. improbable fiction..

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