Interview with photographer Linda Scannell about Warwick 1100 Photographic Challenge

Written by on June 6, 2014

Local Community Urged to put Warwick’s 1100th Anniversary in the Picture!

A professional photographer is urging local residents and visitors to the town to pick up their cameras and help create an everlasting visual record of Warwick in its 1100th year.

In an ambitious project, Linda Scannell is setting out to collect 1100 photographs showing Warwick as it is in 2014, a year which sees the 1100th anniversary of when the town was founded.

Linda is asking people who live in, work in or visit Warwick to submit at least one photograph to the project which best sums up how they would like the town to be seen when future generations look back on such a historic anniversary.

All of the photographs will be used to create a visual archive of Warwick in 2014 and displayed at a special celebratory exhibition which Scannell has planned for January next year.

Linda says: “Warwick’s my hometown and I love looking at old photos of it. It’s fascinating seeing which buildings are still around, how whole streets have completely changed, and what the townsfolk looked like.

“I’m sure future generations will be just as fascinated by how Warwick looked in the early 21st century. So, as 2014 is the 1100th anniversary of the founding of the town, it seems the perfect year to put together a photographic project to document our town as it is now.

“My aim is to collect at least 1100 photographs of the town and its residents during 2014, and it will create a lot more interesting selection of pictures and a more rounded view of the town if they’re all from different contributors.

“I’m hoping the local community and visitors to the town really get behind the project and we can achieve something that future generations will find amazing”

As well as landmark images of Warwick, Scannell is looking for photographs of individuals when out and about in the town, local events and activities taking place throughout the year, and images captured by Warwick-based businesses, schools, community groups, clubs and associations.

A special website has been set up which provides full details of the project and simple instructions on how to submit photographs.

The project is community-based and not-for-profit and to get involved people should visit
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