Interview with Mette Poynton of Cotswolds Concierge

Written by on May 22, 2014

“With The Cotswolds Mystery, we want to bring focus on The Cotswolds in a brand new way”, says Mette Poynton of The Cotswolds Concierge, “Of course it is easy to show this wonderful ‘Area of Natural Beauty’ off as a beautiful tourist destination, but we will also show The Cotswolds as an exciting, fun and truly diverse place to visit, live and do business. We want to show people everywhere in the UK and beyond that the perception of The Cotswolds as an old-fashioned place full of nothing but fields and sheep is just plain wrong”.

By using real characters in The Cotswolds Mystery, with real Cotswolds businesses, Mette has created the ability to show The Cotswolds as a real hub for exciting business of all shapes and sizes. Amongst the rolling hills, and picture postcard perfect villages, nestles a fortunate and hard-working community of local crafts and business people, humorous, smart, artistic and business-minded driving The Cotswolds forward through the 21st century.
The Cotswolds Mystery campaign is created to encourage involvement from people from all over the World, children as well as adults, schools and artistic groups and individuals. By encouraging people to read the story and interact on social media with words, images, art, pictures, illustrations, songs, acting, films and, well, pretty much any way they like, focus will be brought on The Cotswolds.
With weekly individual prizes, a number of prizes offered exclusively to nursery & primary schools and with a fantastic Grand Prize of a 10-day holiday in The Cotswolds worth more than £7,000, people will see what incredibly diverse, fun and exciting place The Cotswolds is.
“The Cotswolds needs an updated image. We saw an opportunity to help make this happen with our network via and we decided to just jump in and do it rather than sit around and be frustrated by the lack of initiatives”, Mette Poynton shares, “Passion and determination was the major factor in getting there, but the only way it has truly been possible to get this to launch day, has been with the support of those businesses and people who share our passion for The Cotswolds, and who were all willing to take a risk and believe that we could do it. Even though all we approached them with was a crazy idea and some sheep that weren’t there!”
Nine fabulous Cotswolds businesses were chosen to be part of the story, they were chosen for their business type, their location and their wonderful personalities. Their businesses vary in size, type and age but a common denominator is a love of The Cotswolds and an interest in promoting this wonderful Area of Natural Beauty that they all are happy and proud to call home. And even more of the advertisers believed in the campaign and offered amazing prizes for the campaign.

Weekly prizes for schools and individuals, as well as a whopping 7000+ worth of prizes for a Grand Prize, the 10-day Cotswolds Holiday of a Lifetime.
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