Interview with Mary Patel CRF Chair of Ettington Community First Responder Scheme

Written by on June 24, 2014

On Saturday 7th June, 14 teams from across the Stourdene region pitted their wits against each other and helped raise an amazing £3,782 for the Ettington Community First Responder Scheme. The Evening included a Promise Auction and Raffle with prizes donated by many supporters and local businesses. As well as helping to cover the £4,200 annual running cost of the scheme, the funds raised will also help kit out the four new responders who have joined the team following a major recruitment campaign at the start of the year. The quiz was organized by Louise Whiteley assisted by husband Paul and CFR Chair Mary Patel. Louise was determined to outdo her Father Andrew Murray who had previously been our biggest fundraiser

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Louise Whiteley said “When we first started to organize the quiz, we were hoping to be able to raise £1,000, but when the prizes started to come we thought that maybe we could raise over £2,000. The final total of nearly £3,800 is amazing though and shows how much the local community value our First Responder Scheme.”

Ettington CFR Scheme Chair Mary Patel said “We are very grateful to Louise and all our supporters as without them we couldn’t keep our team of responders on the road. It is brilliant when someone outside the team organizes some fundraising for us as it means our responders don’t have to divert any of their time away from their lifesaving care.”

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Quiz winners – The Winning Team, from left to right, Alan Patel, Paul Mulligan, Mary Patel, Debbie Fisher, Lynne Bartels, Sian Mulligan

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Responding members are trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service to deal with life threatening medical emergencies until the ambulance arrives. This training and three yearly re-assessment includes how to use an Automated Defibrillator, a machine that can deliver a potentially lifesaving shock to a patient in cardiac arrest, and how to use oxygen/airway therapy and basic life support skills.
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