Interview with Helena Cavan on ‘Concert poet’

Written by on October 3, 2013

Helena Cavan speaks to Radio Warwickshire following the concert at Coughton Court National Trust Property last weekend along side Worcestershire based concert pianist Marcel Zidani.
She shares with the team about her work with Janine Smith, another concert pianist living and working in Worcs., on a programme of music inspired by “Mother and Child” which we will be doing in Stourbridge on 6th October.
long with Worcestershire based concert pianist Marcel Zidani.
With Marcel, Helina has invented the “Concert Poet” which is someone who writes poetry inspired by music and then delivers/performs the poetry alongside the music. It is very original, novel and powerful because it allows concert pianists be concert pianists (ie they are not accompanying someone) but gives them a break so that they can do an entire programme of challenging repertoire with the necessary rests in-between pieces. It is powerful because the words and images in the poetry help the audience to connect in a deeper way with the music and if they are an audience not “in” to classical music, then the poetry serves as one frame through which they can “enter” and relate to the music. The sum becomes greater than its parts and a very special experience is created.

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