Interview with George Jesse Turner – International Documentary Maker

Written by on January 22, 2013

The team from Radio Warwickshire were invited along to Coventry University to Meet George Jesse Turner, who has worked on one of the greatest TV documentary series ever, ’Seven Up’ started nearly half a century ago on ITV and has followed a diverse group of British children through the thick and thin of life. The critically acclaimed show is pure television ethnographic gold.
’56 Up’ will dominate the factual schedules and critical reviews in May 2011.Two men have driven the project-Michael Apted – who went on to be a renowned Hollywood Director – and Director of Photography, George Jesse Turner -whose images dominated ‘World In Action’ for a quarter of a century as well as five of the ‘UP’ series.

John Mair, inventor and producer of the Coventry Conversations, said:
“George is a gem. I have rarely worked with anybody who is so humble towards those he is filming. The huge success of the ‘UP’ series must be down to him and the core team and I am looking forward to him lifting the lid on it.”born on the Lancashire coast, close to Granada’s roots, served on the programme from 1966 until its end. By his own count, he shot the principal footage for some 600 of its 1,400 editions, as well as filming all of Michael Apted’s documentaries in the Seven Up! series.[15] Turner was shot himself – in the backside – by an Israeli bullet whilst filming a clash between Fatah guerrillas and the Israeli Army in 1969.[16] Shortly before he retired from Granada, Turner was honoured by Bafta in 1999 for his work as a documentary cameraman.

Among the many cameramen who also contributed to WIA was Chris Menges[40], who went on to become a distinguished cinematographer – Kes, The Killing Fields and The Mission are among his credits – and a film director in his own right, on features such as A World Apart.

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