Interview with Dave Hancock from Warwick who is about to become an Ambassador for Meningitis UK

Written by on June 1, 2014

In February 2012 Dave Hancock contracted a severe case of Viral Meningitis. After spending numerous days in hospital He was discharged with a completely new outlook on life and left with many debilitating after effects.

As part of Dave’s recovery in 2012, he turned to Meningitis Now (Meningitis Trust as they were then) Dave needed a positive goal to focus on as part of his recovery and so he signed up to run the 2013 London Marathon as Meningitis Now as his chosen charity.

A truly remarkable man, Dave accomplished the goal and helped raise most needed funds for the charity and the support of Friendster family to continue with more fund raising activities since.

Awareness and fundraising is so key to help us in the fight against this traumatic disease. Dave also raises awareness for the Meningitis Charity through talks, events, campaigns and social media, all to ensure as many people as possible are aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

Most recent campaigns include awareness campaigns at both Warwick and Stratford upon Avon Hospitals. Distribution of nearly 3000 signs and symptoms cards for 10 schools in Leamington with another 2500 to go. Dave is also in the process of organising the distribution of signs and symptoms cards to contacts within 22 schools in Warwick and Southam. He is also arranging talks at Rugby Rotary Club next week and will be speaking at Southam Rotary Club in October.

The 2013 Marathon was just the start of Dave’s fundraising acitvities, He has Now completed the Warwick Half Marathon, Sheffield Half Marathon and the London Marathon in the space of 4 weeks in March/April this year and have just added more runs inc the 2 Castles 7th June. The Cheltenham Half marathon in September and the Mablethorpe Half Marathon in October.

Dave is also planning a Sky Dive this July! A man fearful of heights, it proves that there is no limit to what he will do for his charity.

All of Dave’s hard work and dedication have now been rewarded, as he about to made a Community Ambassador for Meningitis Now, a voluntary role to be the PR arm to the charity. This will give Dave the opportunity to continue to raising more awareness, helping organising events, supporting others who need help organising events or need post meningitis help.

Dave is honoured tans delighted to except this role “You are the face and the voice of the charity in your area, A great honour for me.”
Please help Dave by sponsoring his efforts, as every single penny helps and goes directly to Meningitis Now
Also follow Dave on Twitter at @warwickcastledh

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