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Written by on June 21, 2013

You may not have heard of WhiteMoor so to bring you up to speed they are a British Indie band from Derby.  They were formed back in 2010 by Gary ‘Barrington’ Mole, who enlisted the services of Benny Ryan as his lead vocalist.  The additions of Luke Inglis (Bass), Tom Scribbins (Drums) and Louise Tomlinson (Keys, Backing Vocals) completed the line up in 2012.

‘Horizons’ has just been released and is there second album from which they released a single ‘High Lights’ which got to number 78 in the charts.

So how do they sound?

Quite simply GREAT!  They have a really big sound which is demonstrated best on the third track on the album ‘On Top Of The World’.  The track builds for 59 seconds before the vocals kick in and when they do they do not disappoint.  On First play this was an instant favourite for me and 15 plays later I still love it!

High Lights is a great start to the album.

If you like that track then the album maintains the pace of High Lights throughout and is a great mix of songs and the closing track ‘This is’ I found really beautiful!  I really do believe there is something in this album for everyone – it is so much more than an ‘indie-rock’ album as iTunes would call it.

You could imagine the album being played live in stadium type venues.  WhiteMoor have a ‘big’ sound that really lends itself to being played LIVE!

So their sound is great but I also have to comment on just how good the art work is within their accompanying booklet.  The photography is stunning!

In a nutshell –

– Ideal time to play Horizons – Anytime – but in particular ‘loud in my car’

– Who would I lend it to – My daughter Hannah aged 15 (but with caution as I want it back!)

– If you like this try – Strangeland by Keane

– Tracks to download as soon as possible – High Lights, This Is and On Top of the World (but the whole album is really good)

If you don’t believe me I found this comment

“WhiteMoor are one of the finest bands around, What I love about them is they do the pop thing so well but at the same time the guitars are used so creatively. They simply have everything and manage to do things that very few other people manage to achieve” – DEAN JACKSON – BBC RADIO – MERCURY PRIZE JUDGE

I can’t say anymore other than check out WhiteMoor – Horizons

If you want more information on WhiteMoor go to www.WhiteMoor.co.uk or @WhiteMoorBand on Twitter.


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