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Written by on May 12, 2014

photo (2)Some excellent radio on last night (Sunday). First with Mr King doing his thing, then Ian Rose rocking his repeat show and then coming on LIVE to co-host the Musical Journey Show with me. The Twitter feeds were buzzing. We had some great feedback as well:

@RadioWarks @ianrkenilworth Can I listen to your show instead of local radio down here that plays Olly Murs every hour on the hour!‪#‎formula‬” – @Andykaren7893

“…another brilliant show Clay. Australian radio should take a leaf out of your book. We don’t have shows here where the listeners can interact as much as Radio Warwickshire!” – Rob Black

Both of our guests last night on the Musical Journey Show were buzzing afterwards. Singer/songwriter Toni Etherson and Dan Mallier, organiser of the Leamington Comic Con, shared their positive vibes to their social media networks. I suspect we’ll have more guests coming on LIVE in the future.

On the journalism side, we had a great piece from Liane which is well worth a listen if you haven’t heard her being interviewed by Alice Scott. It’s a great testimonial to community radio.

George Hardwick has been pulling in some nice figures with his Creative Uprising Show on Tuesday evenings. I recently interviewed him and released it as a podcast, and as I type this, his interview has been downloaded 378 times!

Friday night saw the return of the Em and Chezza Show. Welcome back ladies. We’ve been missing your comedic antics to start our weekends with.

And finally, welcome back Tamsin. She wrote an awesome review of Supine Orchestra’s new album. You can check it out on the main site.



Toni wrong genIf you Toni’s music you can buy a copy of her latest single “Born in the Wrong Generation”






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