‘Footstorm’ hits The Symphony Hall Birmingham

Written by on May 15, 2013


Footstorm features the winners of Sky 1’s ‘Got To Dance’ the Irish Dance crew ‘Prodijig’.  The show tells a story of time travel to the year 2476, an immense battle between ‘the pure of heart’ against ‘evil’, a tale of love and all climaxing in a winner takes all fight.  This is all portrayed entirely through the medium of Irish Dance.

The special effects involving a portal to allow time travel are excellent. The music is composed by Rupert Christie who worked on the London Olympics and is really in keeping with the feel of the show.  The costumes and sets allow the dancers to adopt different characters without ever slowing the pace of the show down.  However what makes ‘Footstorm’ stand out from the crowd is the choreography by Alan Kenefick which pushes himself and his team to the limit.  The execution of the choreography is to the highest of standards and the speed of the dancers feet is like nothing I have seen before

To win the Got to Dance they had a team of just seven dancers whereas in ‘Footstorm’ features a cast of 18.   When all 18 dancers are on the stage the sound is magnificent as they all dance in perfect time!

The final showdown is a fight between good and evil featuring Kenefick and another Prodijig member Andy O’Reilly in a battle for power with some of the best dancing in the whole show.

Can two hours of Irish Dancing be a success? – well at the climax of the show the packed audience were all on their feet as they have been at every venue on the tour.  I took my harshest critics – my teenage daughters with me who could not get over just how good an evening it was.

We watched from the front row, which made you feel a part of the show but we now want to go again but sit higher up in the auditorium.  However wherever you sit you can’t help but watch the dancers feet!

If you want to go and if you are interested in Dance you really should you can catch the show at The Peacock Theatre in London on the 5th, 6th and 7th July, but you will need to hurry!  It is not just me saying it Ashley Banjo from Diversity tweeted ‘Saw footstorm last night and they smashed the show! They’re on the way to big things ☺ keep pushing #talent

We had the pleasure of meeting the cast after the show and they were some of the nicest people I have met!  They are genuinely passionate about what they do but still gave us time to talk about all things dance as well as my twitter obsession!

I couldn’t give a higher recommendation that I have just booked tickets to see Footstorm again.


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