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3 Piece rock band, strong sound. Artist Links: Facebook | Youtube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

Artist Links: FaceBook | Twitter Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

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This Birmingham quartet combines the power and intensity of classic rock with the finesse and delicacy of soulful blues. Artist Links: FaceBook | Twitter | Youtube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

  Indie band from Modesto, California. Artist Links:  Facebook | Twitter | Youtube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

Based in north England The Torn are a guitar led band backed by powerful energetic rhythms. Artist Links: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

Black Wolf Catch are a Three Piece Indie rock band formed in Burton on Trent in 2010 Artist Links: FaceBook | Twitter | Tumblr Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

Forming late 2012 FOES’ sound is something of an update on the much-rocked-out-to sound of bands like Mudhoney and Nirvana but is firmly in the garage rock spectrum. Make no mistake though, their sound is all their own and very British, with driving melodies and Tommy Kearns’ unique vocals. Artist Links: FaceBook | Twitter | […]

Silversun Pickups came of age in Los Angeles’ multicultural, bohemian enclave, Silver Lake, where the members learned to overcome their fears through playing in the organic network of clubs and bars that birthed Beck and Elliott Smith. Artist Links: Facebook | Twitter | YoutTube Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

A Rock band out of Chicago. Artist Links: FaceBook | Twitter  Clay Lowe | @soulcruzer

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