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Live Lounge

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Reporter Liane Kate It is always a pleasure to see a live band really enjoying themselves on stage at Warwickshire’s key venue for sound and ambience The Assembly Rooms. Along with the release of the critically acclaimed new album Lost Property Turin Brakes are back making waves in the music industry with this performance at […]

October 19, 2013

listen to ‘Red Shoes’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘RW Live Lounge – feat Red Shoes’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘RW Live Lounge – feat Carrick ’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘RW Live Lounge – feat Carrick’ on Audioboo

Live Lounge Sessions on Mixcloud

listen to ‘Radio Warwickshire Live Lounge feat Kirsty Lowrie, Cozmo, & Andre Zivanic’ on Audioboo Radio Warwickshire launched its first ever Live Lounge last night. The artists helping us make history are a new group featuring Kirsty Lowrie, Cozmo, and Andre Zivanic. Links:  

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