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The team from Radio Warwickshire speak to Becky from Becky from Leamington Spa people listen to ‘Becky from Leamington spa People’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire talk to Caroline from the Lettings People – 01926 8825555   listen to ‘The Lettings people – Leamington ’ on Audioboo

Meet Max Baker listen to ‘Music Journalism – The Heart of Radio Warwickshire ’ on Audioboo

Described by one fan as “heavier than heavy water in a Norwegian fjord”, Star Tiger came together in 2009 with guitarist and vocalist Craig and bassist Sharon initially working on songs as a two-piece before adding powerhouse drummer Mike to their ranks. I recently caught up with Star Tiger to find out a little more […]

John Gordon – Master Magician listen to ‘Magic at the Almanack’ on Audioboo

Listen to the interview with Rickard Wood, film maker and drive behind Coventry’s Roots to Shoots. listen to ‘Richard Wood – Coventry Film Maker’ on Audioboo

Record producer and label company owners with a great deal of experience and produced many great bands in history. listen to ‘Roger Lomas and Del Taylor’ on Audioboo

Liane from Radio Warwickshire joins the team from RAW radio – listen to the interview with Scott Henderson Head of Training. listen to ‘Scott Henderson – Head of Training RaW1251am’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire speak to business professionals Tony Dalton and Bernard Keavy about support for small business. They have a business promotional event on tuesday 12th February from 8.15 am. contact the team to book your place.” You CAN increase profits and the value of your business in just two hours” listen to […]

RantProd – Music Productions. Talk to the team from Radio Warwickshire about their music productions services and studios in Ansty Coventry. listen to ‘Born In A Barn Recording Studios’ on Audioboo

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