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Interview with Ernie Boxall from Balance Health and Fitness Liane interviews Ernie about Tai Chi and other services he offers in Kenilworth. Together, we can change the way you exercise and bring balance and well-being into your life. From his website: I specialise in a number of fields with a focus on oriental therapies and […]

Kenilworth girl Sarah Abellan speaks to reporter for Radio Warwickshire Tiffany Middlicott about her business Libro Books. She talks about the importance of community and working with other business owners to help promote success.     listen to ‘Tiffany Middlicott interviews Kenilworth Girl Sarah Abellan about her company Libro Books’ on Audioboo

Tiffany Middlicott interviews Sarah Jackson who is a Kenilworth Weight Watcher leader. After losing weight herself, Sarah felt she could use her experiences to help other loose weight. her meetings are: Allesley park community centre (Coventry) on Wednesdays at 6.30pm Radford Methodist church (Coventry) on Thursdays at 6.30pm Kenilworth community & youth centre (Kenilworth) on […]

Liane Interviews Roisin Free Radio Breakfast presenter, to find out about her training and history with Mercia FM (now Free Radio) and her tips about getting into the industry.               listen to ‘Interview with Roisin Free Radio Breakfast Presenter’ on Audioboo

Liane Dugal interviews JD, Free Radio Breakfast presenter to find out how he got into radio and his advise for people looking at making it into the industry.               listen to ‘Free Radio JD Breakfast Presenter Interview’ on Audioboo

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