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Richard Wood is a creative film maker, who will be sharing his love of film, interviewing directors, looking for that magic within film and film score on his radio programme for Radio Warwickshire. and has created Coventry and Warwickshire’s Film Networking agency. listen to his programme at @radiowarks listen to ‘Presener Richard Wood […]

We met up with Kay Setonnah, radio and television script writer at the Worcestershire Film Festival at the weekend. She talks about her background, including writing scripts for Alistair Mcgowan, Radio 4 and her enthusiasm for University and the training that is offered. Listen later at @radiowarks subscribe to quality radio. listen to ‘Kay […]

We caught up with Emily Currie, winner of the 2012 Worcestershire Film Festival, and spoke to Simon Munn, organiser of the event to ask about the highlights for him. Send place went to Louise and Dominique ‘Red Riding Hood’ Third place went to Brian Harley ‘Eventide’.           Listen again […]

Eventide (2012) from Brian Harley on Vimeo. The team from Radio Warwickshire were invited to the film screening event organised by Richard Wood of Brian Harley’s Eventide: exquisite cinematography and raw emotion. The film has a quality and sensitivity that draws the viewer into the plot with a story of loss told in a […]

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