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In Dan We Trust returns tomorrow night (Friday) at 8PM. One of the songs Dan will be sharing with us is from his new documentary, SHOUT Choir At Abbey Road Studios. Check out the doc and make sure you tune into the show tomorrow.

House of Shorts is a fantastic initiative that gives budding film makers the chance to share their work with fellow film enthusiasts. With film meaning tips, interviews with renowned film Directors and a chance to let their short films shine, House of Shorts is a great resource for anyone interested in a career in film. […]

listen to ‘Hunningham Beer and Film Festival ’ on Audioboo

We interview Richard Wood -Film Maker Coventry and Warwickshire Filmmakers Network 2 Weeks 2 Make it Midlands Please watch and vote Rudy feature film Sci-Fi feature film looking for your support. Kaleidoscope Man please like and share listen to ‘Richard Wood – Video Producer’ on Audioboo

We talk to Charlotte about her year 3 project at Coventry University Point – A Vinyl Documentary. listen to ‘Charlotte Bacciochi -Coventry Uni year 3 Student.’ on Audioboo

Listen to the interview with Rickard Wood, film maker and drive behind Coventry’s Roots to Shoots. listen to ‘Richard Wood – Coventry Film Maker’ on Audioboo

The team from Radio Warwickshire were invited to record Winstons Big Brother at the Flapper Birmingham. listen to ‘Live Gig Winstons Big Brother at the Flapper Birmingham’ on Audioboo

Listen to the interview with the team behind the very first Worcestershire Film Festival – The team from Radio Warwickshire report on the talent in Warwickshire and beyond. listen to ‘We Report on Talent – Worcestershire Film Festival’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Presener Richard Wood – Film show trailer’ on Audioboo

We caught up with Richard wood, Film Maker and the man behind Coventry and Warwickshire Filmmakers Network. Find out about his inspirations, background and plans for the future. Listen again at @radiowarks Info from the website: Coventry Warwickshire Filmmakers network is your FREE (donations welcome), social networking site for filmmakers / actors actresses […]

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