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Listen to the opening speech and stories from the Grand Opening tonight.. Come down for poetry,stories,jazz and great company. Find out more at Http://www.treehousebookshop.co.uk @treehousebookshop listen to ‘The Grand Opening of The Tree House Bookshop – Kenilworth’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Meet Claire Brewster’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Interview – Tom Gold’ on Audioboo   Tom Gold is the author of Wilderness of Sinners, a memoir of his time spent working at a wilderness training camp for ‘adjudicated youth’ 30 miles north of Arizona’s Mexican border. Listen as Tom tells how the story of how he ended up thousands of miles […]

Party on the Pitch is LIVE event in support of MNDA and organised by Mark Harvey listen to ‘Party on the Pitch, Southam 2013’ on Audioboo

Jenny from the team talks to andrew about this weekends Warwick Castle Proms on the 13th July at 7.30pm. performances from The Overtones, The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, stars from Les Mis, a WW 2 Spitfire Aerial display and FireWorks to close. If you want to join the team from Radio Warwickshire on the evening, […]

Jennie and Abbey interview Tamsin Rosewell ahead of her new folk programme ‘My Folk and Their Friends’ which goes out tonight at 8pm on http://www.radiowarwickshire.com listen to ‘Interview with Tamsin Rosewell ahead of her Folk programme ‘My Folk and Their Friends’ ’ on Audioboo

Listen to music and interviews as part of the highlights from day 2 at the Godiva festival. Listen to The Fallows, SixtyFours, Know your Rights and more at The Godiva Festival today. http://www.godivafestival.com/ listen to ‘Godiva Festival – Music and Interviews from the team at Radio Warwickshire ’ on Audioboo

We talk to Mark Grimes Photographer exhibiter and artist Sue Southorn through the Warwickshire Open Studios at Lock Cottage Lower Cape Warwick. The exhibition is on until the 14th July in line with Warwickshire Open Studios – free admission to all venues . Http://www.warwickshirestudios.org Http://www.markgrimesphotography.co.uk Http://www.southorn.info listen to ‘Art and Photography by the canal’ on […]

The team from Radio Warwickshire talk to Sarah Dolby – Events Fundraising manager at Myton Hospice Warwick about the services they provide and the charity and fundraising they need to maintain the service in Rugby, Coventry and Warwick. Find out about their Summer fete on the 14th July and how you can get involved, support […]

With tunes that would be at home in sweat-filled venues full of drunken debauchery, The 7.20s have captured a sound that mixes The Doors, BRMC, Verve, Joy Division, U2 and many others to recreate their own sound. With the urban-influenced drumming talent of Steve Kavanagh and bass riffs from the younger Burnham, Eddie, the band’s […]

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