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listen to ‘Interview with Caroline Zivoder from St John Ambulance about Free First Aid Training Opportunities in Warwickshire.’ on Audioboo Find out how you can access Free first aid training offer from St John Ambulance, as we speak with Caroline form the team. People who live in the Nuneaton area are being urged to devote […]

We speak with Gretchen Ames about the history of Stoneleigh Abbey and the opportunities for visitors to experience guided tours, walks around the estate & a cream tea in the Orangery. Fun out more at For your chance to visit the Abbey at a discounted price – when visiting the Abbey mention Radio Warwickshire. […]

Constellations – Hayley Parr Observers of the sky have grouped stars into constellations for thousands of years. The reason we have historically done so is simply to help us navigate our way around the night sky more easily.  Constellations are given names based on the apparent shapes they form, for example Orion a warrior wearing […]

listen to ‘Martin DW Speaks with the people of Warwick to find out what their Christmas 2013 Wish is ’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Interview with Jack Linstead of Warwick Rocks, following Food and Film Festival’ on Audioboo We are at Warwick Library this morning to speak with Jack Linstead, founder of Warwick Rocks, who has had some great feedback after last week’s Film and Food Festival. Reporter @martindw

listen to ‘Interview with Steve Davies, Founder of Clarity4D’ on Audioboo Steve Davies, founder of Clarity4D, talks about the importance of interpersonal communications between band members. #clarity4D #radiowarks Links: Twitter: @Clarity4D @stevedavies2712

Interview with Jan Cooper, Chair of The Kenilworth Historical Society on Audioboo Interview with Jan Cooper, Chair of The Kenilworth Historical Society at Abbey Barn Museum, Kenilworth

listen to ‘Eddie and Liane hit the Medieval Coombe Abbey ’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Interview with Jess from Fat Birds Cafe’ on Audioboo

listen to ‘Interview with Stacey manager of Harlequin Party shop Warwick’ on Audioboo

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