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listen to ‘Co-Host & Co-Host’ on Audioboo Our take on the popular game show Mr & Mrs. How well do you know your co-host? Radio Warwickshire’s Creative Director invited Emma and Cherry along to play. Find out how they did. #rwmagic

  I first heard about John Bishop when he completed his ‘Week of Hell’ for Sport Relief in 2012 where he simply Day 1 rode a bicycle 185 miles from Paris to the Coast Day 2 rowed with three others across the Channel (it took 13 hours after just an hour of sleep) Days 3, […]

listen to ‘Radio Warwickshire Leamington Comedy festival Ticket Competition! ’ on Audioboo Have your chance to win a pair of tickets to this year’s Leamington Comedy Festival. Simply send an email to and tell us if you would like to see The Reduced Shakespeare Theatre Company on the 15th October or Seann Walsh on […]

listen to ‘Interview with Mark Makin ahead of this years Leamington Comedy Festival 12th to 19th October 2013. ’ on Audioboo For the second year running Leamington will be laughing with the likes of Lee Mac, Sean Walsh, Richard Herring and Terry Alderton as the Leamington Comedy Festival kicks off on the 12th October and […]

listen to ‘Introducing Daniel Ruiz Tizon’ on Audioboo Sneak Preview The Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Show is coming to Radio Warwickshire starting Monday, 19 August 2013. Listen from 9PM on Comedy with south London’s latte ponce Writer and comedian Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man on his fifth nose and former co-creator/presenter of “Please […]

Liane dugal is trapped in the corner by Betty and Mavis for a ‘interview the boss’ session… listen to ‘Betty and Mavis interview liane dugal’ on Audioboo

Radio Warwickshire’s resident agony aunt, Betty, helps the people of Warwickshire sort out their mess. If you’ve got a problem and you want Betty’s no-nonsense advice, then get in touch…she’ll say it how it is! listen to ‘1. Ask Betty…..’ on Audioboo

Oh dear, WOldstock’s Betty has been targeted by Trick or Treaters…..and she’s not happy! Catch up with Betty and the gang at or find them on Facebook – Woldstock Woldstock listen to ‘Betty’s Beef – Trick or Treaters…..’ on Audioboo

Mavis & Betty from Woldstock fame have been asked by Liane Dugal to go out & interview interesting people in the community… they ‘interview’ local photographer and all-round nice chap, Andy Brining ( Catch up with Mavis, Betty & the rest of the Woldstock gang at Twitter: @bettybloomingth and at Woldstock Woldstock on Facebook. […]

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